Smashwords Sale going on Now!

I have all 10 of my ebooks on sale this week 25-75% off! Don’t miss out! Please leave a review after you have read them, Thanks.10books


Smashwords End of Year Promotion

I have enrolled in the first-ever Smashwords End of Year promotion, taking place December 25, 2017 though January 1, 2018. For eight days only, my books will have deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off (code: SEY25), 50%-off (code: SEY50), 75%-off (code: SEY75) and FREE (code: EY100) .
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At one minute past midnight Pacific time on December 25, the special Smashwords End of Year promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page. Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories. After 11:59pm Pacific time on January 1, the catalog disappears.
The coupon codes only work at Smashwords and will not affect prices at other retailers.
Remember authors at Christmas time, those with new gift readers will be wanting to look for these special prices.



Book Event in Blackfoot, Idaho

7booksI will be displaying and promoting my books, now 9, at the Blackfoot Chamber Luncheon held at Premier Technologies on Bridge Street. Members come by my table. You may get something Free. Tell me you saw this ad on WordPress and I will have something special for you.


April 15 – Book Signings at Festival

I will be at the Tunes and Tacos Festival in Yuma, Arizona at the Ray Croc field next to the Civic Center for a Last of season sale! I will have signed books you can buy and a chance you could win a FREE one. Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy are my genres and All my books are reasonably priced (less than posted on Amazon).


Yuma’s Tacos and Tunes


Mark your Calendars for the event of the season. Near the Yuma Civic Center downtown. All kinds of tacos will be available to taste. I will be with a half dozen other authors promoting and selling my books. I’m discounting my books so I don’t take too many north when I leave Yuma, Az.

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Who is Olivia Crane? (Similar)

OliviaReporter2This woman reporter has her own unique way of getting to the truth. That’s why she was chosen to interview the aliens when they first came to Mars in Similar But Not the Same. In Deflection, Alex talked to her when he was investigating a mass murder at a church. Later she was invited to Colorado to be present during Alice’s and Mike’s wedding. Anticipating a big story when Jennifer and Robert returned from space, we find Olivia in the Mars Base Station.

Single, and “in her thirties, had worked hard and ruthless to get where she is today in the journalistic world still dominated by men…She stood about 5’7” with her red hair swept up and waved over her oval face. She didn’t like much makeup, but because of her profession, she lathered it on prior to tapings. ”

Does she have a male companion? I don’t know, she hasn’t indicated to me that she does or wants to. To the public, she is outgoing, energetic, and resourceful. I am not privy to her personal life at this time. Will you see more of her? Maybe.

Working on the Fifth Saga – Return

This may or may not be the cover or the title, but I am sure there is a 95% chance that it will be. In the fifth saga of my Dominos series, the humans and some of the aliens that have played major role in the first four sagas will return to Mars. There always is a bad guy and he’s determined to take his revenge upon the innocent. Mystery and murder is his moniker.
When will it be out? Two or four months. I’m not going to hurry this story.