Who is Olivia Crane? (Similar)

OliviaReporter2This woman reporter has her own unique way of getting to the truth. That’s why she was chosen to interview the aliens when they first came to Mars in Similar But Not the Same. In Deflection, Alex talked to her when he was investigating a mass murder at a church. Later she was invited to Colorado to be present during Alice’s and Mike’s wedding. Anticipating a big story when Jennifer and Robert returned from space, we find Olivia in the Mars Base Station.

Single, and “in her thirties, had worked hard and ruthless to get where she is today in the journalistic world still dominated by men…She stood about 5’7” with her red hair swept up and waved over her oval face. She didn’t like much makeup, but because of her profession, she lathered it on prior to tapings. ”

Does she have a male companion? I don’t know, she hasn’t indicated to me that she does or wants to. To the public, she is outgoing, energetic, and resourceful. I am not privy to her personal life at this time. Will you see more of her? Maybe.


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