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Who is Major David Holbrook?

ArmyMajorMetalsHe became the Commander of military operations at the Mars base station as part of his tour. Many wanted the position until they found out they would have to be away from their families for two to three years. When Major Holbrook received the order, he was estranged from his wife and child for a number of years.

All was moving in an orderly fashion until the aliens came to his neck of Mars.  When he first met Alice Morgan, he was afraid there would be discourse among the bachelors trying for her attention. He didn’t want to admit that another woman on base would be an asset to the advancement of Mars colonization.

Alice extended her hand, and introduced herself:

“Hello, sir, it is an honor to meet you.” With a slight nervous enthusiasm, she reached to shake his hand. The Major extended his hand, shook with two small jerks and motioned for her to sit down in one of the two chairs before his desk. Stocky but sturdy would be the way someone would describe the Major, but he was well versed in his command for a man in his late forties, a strict, by the book type. His square shaped face and piercing brown eyes gave her a critical scan. ~

With Alice, came her cat. Almost causing a universal backlash, the cat escaped over to the alien’s base camp. The major had just a couple more years to serve but when certain events occurred, he stayed on. At first, there was the aliens arrival, then building of  the tunnel in Galle Crater where his base resided, to connect both humans and ahmans. Other events such as a death, a killer on the loose, and finally, new aliens arriving motivated his length of stay.  He had to cope with these and the five countries represented on Mars under the his command. Then to top it all off, his son arrives.

Who is Olivia Crane? (Similar)

OliviaReporter2This woman reporter has her own unique way of getting to the truth. That’s why she was chosen to interview the aliens when they first came to Mars in Similar But Not the Same. In Deflection, Alex talked to her when he was investigating a mass murder at a church. Later she was invited to Colorado to be present during Alice’s and Mike’s wedding. Anticipating a big story when Jennifer and Robert returned from space, we find Olivia in the Mars Base Station.

Single, and “in her thirties, had worked hard and ruthless to get where she is today in the journalistic world still dominated by men…She stood about 5’7” with her red hair swept up and waved over her oval face. She didn’t like much makeup, but because of her profession, she lathered it on prior to tapings. ”

Does she have a male companion? I don’t know, she hasn’t indicated to me that she does or wants to. To the public, she is outgoing, energetic, and resourceful. I am not privy to her personal life at this time. Will you see more of her? Maybe.

Who is Litha? (from Found)

Litha2Thanks for this pic from Kelly Blanchard. In Found The Lost Ones, a emporial government had been set up with Consorts to the Emperor. DiLane was the First Consort and Litha was the Second. Her hair was dark, and her skin fair, and she was younger and hungry for position. When the second brother to the Emperor took over, she had hoped she would be named Empress. She tried to be as elite as the ruling class by snubbing her nose at the lower classed ahmans. With Emperor Amado gone, she tried to woo the principate, but he was only interested in revenge. When the Regency fell apart, she had to befriend the First Consort and learn how to make her way in life.


Who is Alice Morgan? (from Similar)

Similar, the First Saga, takes place in the future as we humans begin to settle our Moon and Mars.The heroine of my story is Alice Morgan. She’s always dreamed of traveling through space and when the opportunity came ip to work on the Moon, she applied for the job that seemed commonplace on Earth, but this was on the Moon. She had been studying phycology but her clerical duties came first for the nearby nickel mine.

She tried her best to talk to the miners, all of them men; but they didn’t take her seriously enough to help with her endeavor. These men, independent solitary types, would rather keep their feelings to themselves, and especially not with women. The conflict between men and women still existed in this day and age. – Chapter 6.

She was 28 when she started, blond, divorced, and had been going with the manager of Moon Minerals, Inc. After two years, a disagreement over commitment and where to have children broke up their relationship. Her parents had previously died leaving on her own with just a few relatives still on Earth. Before she had left Earth, she rescued a good looking tuxedo cat and with the necessary documents and vaccines she was able to bring Frederick with her to the Moon. He was to be the test animal to living in space.

Alice has an independent streak in her and since her earlier divorce and the failed relationship with Mathew Miller on the Moon, she decided she wasn’t ready to have another man in her life. That is, until she met Mike Carone on Mars. Alice  will defend the people in her life if they are unjustly treated including those she just met. Helping out the local reverend on Mars, her phycology background got to know several of the laborers that volunteered to come and work on the Mars Base Station. This also gained her access to talk and meet the first aliens that came to Mars.